To Safety

Safety is not just a word for Oshotim Intertrading Company Limited or its employees, but a way of life. The organization takes great pride in its safety record, maintaining our equipments in a safe operating condition is a difficult task, but it is one that pays long term dividends for our company. The employees realize safe operation is important not only to themselves but the people around them as well. Our team does make a difference.

To Our Environment

Oshotim Intertrading Company Limited places equal importance on the protection of the environment in performing its work. Our employees understand the precautions and care which must be taken to preserve the surrounding environment and to minimize any adverse effects the work may have on it. Additional time is taken to install increased environmental controls and thoroughly understand the conditions surrounding each work site that could present potential harmful circumstances.

To Quality

The driving force behind Oshotim Intertrading Company Limited is quality control.
Oshotim Intertrading Company Limited strives to provide quality standards for the most economic price to our customers. Through this, our company has developed a strong reputation that has led to a repetitive customer base. We feel strongly that our best marketing tool is the quality work we perform and if we continue to do good work, our business will continue to grow and be successful. ‘’Our goal is not to be the biggest, just the best’’

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